Remembering a legend…

Jaspal Bhatti with his wife Savita Bhatti.
Image Courtesy: Indian Express

Padma Bhushan Jaspal Singh Bhatti, born on 3rd March 1995, was one of the greatest comedian, actor and human ever born on this planet.

He was and is still known for his satirical take on the problems of the common man. Known for his innocent, non-abusive comedy, he has done many shows on TV as well as in theaters.

Sadly, he met with a car accident and died a day after it…The people who saw his work have not found his replacement still….Somethings and Some people can never be replaced…

We heartily thank Bhatti Sir and his entire team for making our childhood special and funny….

Here’s a video from his show called Full Tension, where he, in a comical way, tells a way to reduce weight…

Laugh! It’s one of the best ingredients to make the perfect recipe of life!

Khud Haso, Sabko Hasao 😀

Laugh And Make Others Laugh 😀

Title Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Video Courtesy: YouTube


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