Cassia Dark – An interesting spice!

Spice Cinnamon Stick Cinnamon Powder Flavoring

Also known as Chinese Cinnamon, it is a genus of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is a little bit different from Cassia, and usually differentiated by being called “true cinnamon”.

Cassia is cheaper to produce , and majority of ground cinnamon is actually made from cassia dark.Indians use cassia instead of true cinnamon in their cooking (not always), as it has a milder flavor and can be used in larger quantities.

Cassia can also be used whole or ground in spice mixes.It is easily distinguishable by it’s rough, tree bark-light texture, and the best way to check for freshness is to rub a little on your fingers. If you can smell a cinnamon fragrance, then the bark is fresh.If substituting cinnamon for cassia, use less as the flavor of true cinnamon is more intense.



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